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Cavalier carpets have been producing carpets for the home since 1972 and today they are one of only a handfull of companies that manufacture carpets in Wilton, Axminster and tufted constructions. A complete collection of ranges to suit every budget and style.

Cavalier carpets beautifull cut pile twist ranges include Architect Twist, Criterion Twist, Liberty Twist, Guildhall Twist, Woodland HeathersCartouche Velvet, Tumbletex, Confetti, Rustic Life and Tweed.

Architect Twist Cavalier Carpets   Criterion Twist CavalierArchitect Twist                                                  Criterion Twist

Liberty Twist Cavalier carpets   Guildhall Twist Cavalier carpetsLiberty Twist                                                      Guildhall Twist 


                          Made in Britain  

Cavalier have produced some simply stunning collections in 100% Wool that include Fineweave, Lupo, Shepherds Collection, Woolsack, Rustic Choice & Urban Choice.

Fineweave Cavalier Carpets   Lupo Cavalier Carpets Finweave                                                           Lupo


Shepherds Collection Cavalier Carpets   Cavalier Woolsack Shepherds Collection                                        Woolsack


                        Made in Britain


Call our Glasgow South branch now on 0141 637 5585, Glasgow North branch on 0141 943 2083 or visit our showrooms for more information