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When you consider the unique benefits of a Westex carpet, you can appreciate that Westex carpeting represents value for money. The secret of durability is in the Westex 2 & 3 fold yarn, but Westex only uses fine 2-fold and 3-fold yarns. The advantage of these yarns is they act like aspring to give superior quality, resilliance and durability, preventing unexplained pile reversal with enhanced non-crush properties.

Westex Ultima Twist  Pure Luxury WoolUltima Twist                                                       Pure Luxury 100% Wool Collection

 Desinger Stripe & point  Traditional TwistDesigner Stripe & Point                                     Traditional Twist                   


Westex Carpets is based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire: the heart of England's traditional wool textile industry. Westex can ensure that each manufacturing process from wool to carpet is carried out to exacting quality standards, aswell as offering a custom dye service. As all the processes are not only based in the United Kingdom, but also owned and controlled by Westex.


Call our Glasgow South branch now on 0141 637 5585, Glasgow North branch on 0141 943 2083 or visit our showrooms for more information