Westex Pure Luxury 100% Wool Collection

Westex Opulence Pure Luxury 100% Wool Collection'Any of the 100% Wool collection will give that ultimate feeling of luxury to any quality home or other exclusive locations.'


Available in contempory colours in colour matched widths. All of the Pure Luxury is stain Resist, anti-dustmite and mothproof treated to give assurance.


  2 & 3 Ply yarn

    Pure Luxury 100% Wool Collection


Collection includes :        

OPULENCE ~ A sumptously rich carpet that combines beauty and wearability to produce a carpet of unparalleled splendor.      

TROIKA ~ A luxury Velvet carpet made from 3 fold yarn. The structure of Trioka provides a rich dense feel that is softened by the lush yarn.         

TUNDRA ~ A carpet to compliment Troika, but using a 2 fold yarn to give an affordable combination of richness and wearability.                                                                    

SAXONY ~ A longer more open pile that produces a truly luxurious carpet. With all the features and benefits of a Westex carpet, this range is perfectly suitable for creating a lavish bedroom.


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