Westex Ultima Twist Collection

Westex Ultima CollectionThe heart of Westex Carpets is their Twist range, with 120 colours in 8 different qualities.

Made from 80% wool 20% Nylon these carpets give a superb combination of performance and technical design. All these carpets are produced drom fine 2 fild yarn to prevent pile reversal, giving improved appearance, retention, recovery & resilliance.

2 Ply Yarn



1/8Th Gauge Products include:                                                                                 FONTAINE ~ The longest pile producing a slightly textured finish,                                     MAJOR ~ Medium pile height with a high tuft density,                                                    ULTIMA ~ Shorter pile height with a medium tuft density,                                        PENULTIMA ~ The shortest pile height with a more open tuft density.

1/10Th Gauge Products include:                                                                                    GOLD ~ The highest tuft density and pile to produce the finest possible twist carpet,    TALISMAN ~ A long pile height with a high tuft density,                                              TALANA ~ Medium pile height and a high tuft density,                                                  TRIDENT ~ The shortest pile height with a good tuft density.


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